The Great Trentham Portrait of Community


Potato portrait

Potatoes and People of Trentham

Put your face in the picture 

 Send a photo of your face to

Or to have your photo taken by a professional photographer,

Please come to

Mrs P Tati’s Super Potato Photo Booth

located at the Trentham Neighbourhood Centre

10am-12pm Tuesday 16 & 23 April

10am-2pm Thursday 18 April

10.30am-12.30pm Friday 3 May

&  11am-1pm at the April Farmers & Station markets

If you are sending a photo, we need headshot photo, front on (no profile or side shots), well lit (daylight is good), jpeg or IMG to

These photos will be installed as a whole town portrait at

The Great Trentham Spudfest

18 May 2013, Quarry St Reserve in Trentham as part of

Mrs P Tati’s Potato Stall


Spud Boy





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